"I have spent close to 50 years in journalism and I have never met anyone, including myself, who was so professional at such a young age. Always on time, willing to do any story, anywhere in our sprawling coverage area. She quickly learned our style requirements, followed them flawlessly, then revamped the material we taught her into a memo that we now pass out to all new colleagues." - Pattie Wesley, editor-in-chief at Voices Newspaper

"I had the opportunity to clearly witness Gillian's talent and excellent work ethic in the fall semester of 2018, where she was one of my best students in the Introduction to Multimedia Journalism course. Gillian worked tirelessly to perfect her craft in photography, audio and video production, while always maintaining the highest journalistic standards in her reporting and writing. I was impressed by her deep care for journalism ... I believe her skills and passion will carry her far in her career." - Ellie Ismailidou, supervising producer & anchor at Dow Jones

"Wherever you go in your life -- whatever career twists and turns you follow -- if you continue to pursue writing, you will find success. There's just no way around it. Your voice is unique and compelling, your eye for what makes good news (and a good story) is sharp, and your commitment to bettering yourself and your craft with each successive piece that you produce is beyond obvious. You make me want to start writing again, because your words ring with pure inspiration, raw ambition and, above all, boundless joy. You have a gift for the written word, and I hope you devote some part of the rest of your life to honoring it. At the very least, you've more than earned one loyal reader. Thank you for writing." -Owen Roche, editor-in-chief emeritus at The Fordham Observer

"Gillian had a clear grasp of the Mood of Living mission, was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with the team. She was successful at all the projects she jumped into, offered ideas and solutions, had a positive attitude, and was very responsible." - Kate Moodie, founder, CEO & editor-in-chief of Mood of Living magazine

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